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Jan 19, 2019 · I’ve had a few of these over the years, both High Standard and Sears Model 88. I modified two: a Model 88 w/six inch barrel on which I managed to “mickey mouse” an adjustable rear sight and I put a three inch barrel on a birds head grip model R-108. Store Brand/House Guns, Cross-Reference Table to Manufacturer Many major retailers like Sears, Wards etc. had their brand name put on the firearms that they sold. In a post a while back here in the Rimire section I commented on how the rifling was gone from my High Standard Supermatic Citation. Got R Did sent me a PM stating he had a barrel for one that he would never use. Information on handgun Hi-Standard Model Supermatic Citation .22 LR. About the Cartridge. The Stevens Arms Co. developed the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge from the .22 Long cartridge case developed 16 years earlier, with a 40 grain round nose bullet loaded to a higher velocity than the older 29 grain .22 Long bullet. In a post a while back here in the Rimire section I commented on how the rifling was gone from my High Standard Supermatic Citation. Got R Did sent me a PM stating he had a barrel for one that he would never use. Mar 16, 2013 · Gorgeous High Standard Model 102 Supermatic Trophy "Space Gun" - made at Hamden Ct. factory in 1960. Correction: Typo - It is a Model 103, not 102 Only flaw on gun is gold plating on trigger has a tiny bit of visible wear that can be easily re-plated if someone wanted to have it done. High Standard Flite King Riot Standard; Model: K-1200, Catalog # 8111, 18-1/8", 18-7 Pump 12 GA, 2.75” chamber, 6+1 rounds, Cylinder bore, front bead. Made between 1964-1978, changed from oiled walnut stock & forearm to stained and lacquered birch in the mid 1970’s.

Algo vpn awsLearn about PST spare parts here at www.praxairsurfacetechnologies.com and discover the correct industrial coating solution for your unique business need. Hi all, theres a guy wanting to sell, a High Standard Military model 106. Hes wanting 625.00 for it. Is it worth this much ? Heres his ad. High Standard Supermatic Military 22 long rifle model 106. This pistol is in incredible conditon and is...

Nov 13, 2018 · The Hi-Standard Model-GE earned a fine reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and extreme accuracy. One of its favorite features is the ease with which barrels can be removed and cleaned or switched via the thumb latch in the forward upper end of the trigger guard. Up for sale is my High Standard "Supermatic" Trophy model in 8.0 inch blue, with two barrel weights, 1 muzzle brake, 1 original factory magazine and 5 new un-used factory magazines.

Mechanics: excellent condition Metal: hammer and sear made of chrome-nickel molybdenum, carbonized steel Finish: dull parkerized steel with minor scratched, 95% of finish intact Other Notation: "take-down" barrel and "U.S." stamp on left side of the receiver indicate military purchase, some of the High-Standard Tournament model pistols (including this one) were fitted with the anti-backlash ...

I don't know a lot about high standard pistols, so I can only offer limited advice. 1- Get another barrel that is drilled and tapped for use with a cantilever-style mount. Or, get another barrel and have it drilled and tapped. 2- Brownell's sells a High Standard Universal mount. Of course, this depends on having your pistol drilled and tapped ... Old Classic #102 Style. Shown above in Exhibition Grade English Walnut. Has Shadow Line Cheekpiece, Straight Comb, Swept Grip, NO Palm Swell, and NO Tip & Cap. Our dealers said: "Don’t try and make it different, make it better!" Comes with the Standard Oval Forearm, unless the "True Classic" Round Forearm Style is requested at additional charge.

Loto masThe little Sport King with a 4.5" barrel makes for a nice trail pistol. In terms of monetary value, however, it's not the most desireable High Standard by a long shot but, unless you're into bullseye shooting, the Sport King has a lot more utilitarian value than some of its higher-priced, more esoteric brethren. This Model 107 Military Supermatic Citation from High Standard is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in 22 LR with a 10-plus-1 round capacity. A 7.2-inch fluted barrel is adorned with an adjustable ... Additionally, some of the barrels available for purchase are vent rib barrels. You can also find low-cost High Standard parts for barrels, such as High Standard barrel weights and barrel pins. What other types of new and used High Standard parts are available? A variety of High Standard parts can be purchased for an assortment of different weapons.

The High Standard Collectors' Association was founded in 1991 to promote friendship and communication among the those interested in the collection, research, preservation and use of High Standard firearms, memorabilia and accessories. We include the Fiala, Hartford Arms and Schall firearms as part of our group.
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  • 13 1/2" length of pull standard, custom length of pull available for an additional charge. Hunting and sporting styles weigh approximately 2 lbs., tactical models approximately 2.5 lbs. Choice of seventeen different colors and finishes. All Medalist stocks come with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.
  • Two models: Match Bull Barrel is full-contour for greater forward weight, adds the “muzzle-heavy” feel, in a blued steel finish. Match Aluma-Lite Barrel features a turned down forward section that’s sleeved with aluminum to help compensate for the weight of red-dot optics or a scope. Available in a two tone silver & black finish.
  • high-standard .22 cal. semi-automatic target pistols parts list and prices (military model 107 series) st-m-supermatic tournament sc-m.supermatic citation
Sep 22, 2008 · High standard Model A102 Discussion in 'The ... Here is a link to a page on the High standard model 102. I have a w-104 ... Straight grip walnut stock with barrel ... Original Romanian Military AIMS-74 5.45x39 Parts kit minus barrel and receiver This kit does not include the barrel, receiver, and other small parts such as rivets to complete it These kits were issued but they are in very good condition + INCLUDES CLEANING ROD. EAST GERMAN AKM PARTS KIT. MATCHING NUMBERS. COMPLETE MINUS THE BARREL AND RECEIVER. J.C. Higgins Model 50, a bolt action rifle with a commercial FN Mauser action and a chrome-lined barrel from High Standard. Made in 270 and 30-06. J.C. Higgins Model 51, same as the Model 50 with a fancier checkered stock with cheekpiece. See High Standard Manufacturing Co., Houston, TX at the end of this section. ... 100 SERIES MODELS 101 SERIES MODELS 102 & 103 SERIES MODELS 104 SERIES MODELS 106 ... Jun 26, 2009 · Learn pricing and values for these High Standard firearms: High Standard Model B High Standard Model B-US High Standard Model C High Standard Model A High Standard Model D High Standard Model E High Standard Model S High Standard Model H-B Type 1 Pre-War High Standard Model H-B, Type 2 Post-War High Standard Model H-A High Standard Model H-D MODEL 610 REVOLVER - 4.0" BARREL ... 102-103 PC T/CR22 ® RIFLES ... and M&P® products imparting a high level of protection internally and externally where applied. 6. This is the Hastings 22GA Steel Round End Stock Tank, 2' x 2' x 4', 102 Gallon. Like the Hastings Black Label stock tanks, our Green Label stock tanks are manufactured with the same attention to detail and quality workmanship. To create a more price sensitive option, we use a 22GA sidewall on our Gr
high standard (style) magazines & parts (17) high standard (style) sights & parts-models 102-107 (27) high standard (style)-barrel parts (4) high standard (style)-grips and parts (6) high standard (style)-slide parts (11) high standard accessories (9) high standard model b parts (24) high standard supermatic series parts (22) high standard ...